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Crunchy Fashion Stone and Pearl Banges Set

Fashionable, lovely and charming Bangle
Crunchy Fashion is a leading online store in India, selling the stylish fashion jewellery, accessories and bags. Originally housing a stunning collection of Necklaces, Rings, Bangles & Bracelets, Earrings and Hair accessories, we have rapidly expanded to include gorgeous Bags, Wooden Jewellery and other exciting gift range. We love fashion, and the inspiration it breeds, and our influence comes from a passion for on-the-pulse and individual styles. We source beautiful, exciting, unusual designs, all hand-picked to make you stand-out from the crowd! All of our collections – from the vintage to the wild, epitomise individuality which give our customers that eureka moment in front of the mirror! Our ready-made collections are great if you’re lacking in time or creativity – check out our fave pieces, where the super-cool meets the charming.

Fashion Arena

Today's women is looking to express theirindividualitywithunusual designs and Fashion Arena is the perfect choice. Weare engaged in manufacturingof comprehensive range of American DiamondsProducts.
Material used – Alloy (Brass)
Stone types – American Diamond
Plating – Two tone

Gold Plated Bangle by Amargiri Jewels (2 pcs) – AB 730

Amargiri Jewels bring out very Innovative Designs which are converted into pieces of beauty and excellent craftsmanship. We make sure that this Bangle crafted by us will re-energize you & gives 100% statifaction to your Soul. We have worked hard and produced some really breath taking Bangles for all seasons & this is one of them just for you. Our creations conform to the most stringent of international standards. So, whatever be your choice: Uniqueness, Quality or Value for money, there is one Brand that fulfill to all your needs -Amargiri Jewels

Size Chart : 2.4 Size, 2.6 Size, 2.8 Size

Fashion Arena CZ Dancing Bangles

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Two Tone Bangles such as 2 Tone Bangles and Bangles.

Cz Bangles

Silver Base Bangles With Cubic Zicon Stone . Buy this product from our website and enjoy hassle free online shopping experience at Tradus marketplace and product will be delivered at your doorsteps. Enjoy!!

Mahi Effulgent Bangles.

Combination of uniqueness and a beauty with special effect is what this pair stands for. Its a tribute to the everlasting beauty of women.

gold platted bangles size-2.4,2.6,2.8

gold platted bangles we call to you regarding confirm size of bangles after order confirmation .size are only available -2.4,2.6,2.8

Dreamz Jewel Classy Gold Plated Bangle

Contents: Bangle Pair. Base Metal: Gold Plated. Bangle Size: 2.6 Designer Bangle with fine art work. An adjustable lock bangle.

Dearmz Jewel Unique Design Bangle- DJMP195

A nice smart and ethnic designer Bangle with semi-precious stones in 22kt gold colour plating.

Contents: Single Bangle.
Stone Type: Semi Precious.
Base Metal: Gold Plated.
An adjustable lock bangle.
Bangle Size: 2.6″ Inches.

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