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Royal Kaleera KH-520

Briefing about wedding kalire is these are hanging ornaments worn on the both hands, chura ke niche wear kiye jate hai . yeh usually friends or sister-in-law tie Kalire to bride’s hands. They hang like look beautiful flower and come in a variety of colors to match bridal lehenga .

Beautiful Designer Kaleere KH-519

Are it is good …both these styles are so different yet, ” you want to buy both under one roof at our showroom shahihandicraft ambala cantt in very compititve price .

Crystal Kaleere KH-518

Kaleere are the very traditional items of a bridal girl worn during the wedding of a girl along with bridal chura available in all colour and all sizes .

Bridal Kaleere KH-517

With the vast experience and knowledge about the shahihandicraft , these company have gained a well reputed position in online business we offer the elegant and trendy range of Bridal Kalira. These are designed using the finest quality raw material that further enhances their beauty .

Bridal Designer Punjabi Kaleerah KH-516

The Wedding Kaleere is very exclusive and decorative piece these are is attached to the bangles of the bride during the wedding and they hold a lot of importance in the Punjabi weddings and are considered tradition. Shahihandicraft offer an attractive range of kaleere which have been designed in various ways and the customers can choose from the several patterns available.

Shadi Kaleere KH-515

Offering to the customers a complete range of products which include Wedding Bangles such as Wedding Chura, Bridal Chura, Wedding Kaleere and Bridal Kalira matching with your bridal lehenga.

Shagun Kalleera KH-514

Now friends and sisters-in-law tie Kalire, a hanging ornament made of gold or silver on these bangles. It is said that after the wedding the bride rubs her hands against each other to drop the Kalire on the heads of unmarried girls, and who so ever gets the Kalire first is expected to get married within a short period.it says by all Punjabi from India and by elders.

Crystal Beaded Kaleere KH-513

Its tied in bride’s hands in the morning of the wedding day by her sisters,friends, bhabhi’s etc… Each guest at the chura ceremony involve in this ceremony .

Traditional Kalire KH-512

Wedding chura is worn by the bride for 40 days after the wedding.May be it will be wear one year by Punjabi girl . we make custom based as according to your arm it is available in all sizes and color .

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