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Real Estate

As a leading company comprised of established consultants, we help and guide International Citizens or NRI’s to build their homes, Residential Bungalows, Farm Houses, Duplex Houses and Commercial buildings in India. Our architects are fully experienced in this field and they use latest technology, while making the designs of these. For the construction of these buildings use best quality material and skilled labours because we know the value of lives.


Services Available for Sale/ Purchase of all kind of properties:


1. Legal Assistance
2. Solving Disputes of Properties
3. Registries and Transfers
4. New Investments

Farmhouses are one of the best options in distressing and unwinding. Owing to our experience in the real estate sector, we are able to offer farm house construction as per the requirements of the clients by keeping in mind the provision of luxury areas, swimming pools, gaming parlours and many more. With firm commitment to quality, we are rendering optimum quality farm house construction. The professionals of our firm develop a proper designed plan, which makes sure that every step of the project is executed in a well-managed way and also within the stipulated time frame.

Farm houses are for those who feel that a home must be away from the madding crowd and out of the concrete jungle that the city often is. We can build you the perfect island of tranquillity and make it just right for you. The emphasis here is on ‘you’. And we build at competitive prices. We also offer services in organic farming any kind of farmhouses different kind of farm house constructions services. We also plan for all kind of farm house projects.

Services Available for constructing Farm Houses:


1. Finding Suitable Land/ Plots

2. Architecture Designing (With/Without Vaastu Shastra)

3. Legal Formalities for Transferring Properties

4. Selecting Pets and Cattles for Farm House

5. Creating Fish Houses and Horse Stables

6. Organic Vegetables and Fruits Farming

7. Final Settlements of Owners

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